In this section you will find manuals for the construction of models from RC-Factory. Manual is displayed by clicking on the appropriate link in the list. Manuals can be downloaded in PDF format.

NameDownload link
BIG Crack TURBO Beaver Apache (T95)Here
BIG Crack TURBO Beaver Red (T94)Here
Bristol Scout depron (D08)Here
Clik EVO Blue (D02)Here
Clik EVO Green (D03)Here
Clik EVO Red (D01)Here
Clik NG SuperLITE green (S07)Here
Clik NG SuperLITE purple (S08)Here
Clik NG SuperLITE red (S06)Here
Clik R2 SuperLITE blue (S071)Here
Clik R2 SuperLITE dark blue (S081)Here
Clik R2 SuperLITE red (S061)Here
Crack Camel Blue (L14)Here
Crack Camel Silver (L13)Here
Crack Fokker Dr.1 Triplane (L10)Here
Crack Fokker Dr.1 Triplane Red Baron (L12)Here
Crack Fokker Dr.1 Triplane red/yellow (L11)Here
Crack LASER LITE green (L06)Here
Crack LASER LITE No.17 (L07)Here
Crack LASER LITE red (L05)Here
Crack LaserPro Patriot (S17)Here
Crack LaserPro Techno (S18)Here
CRACK PITTS MINI green (M02)Here
CRACK PITTS MINI orange (M03)Here
Crack PITTS red BACKYARD (B11)Here
Crack PITTS yellow BACKYARD (B12)Here
Crack TURBO Beaver (T00)Here
Crack TURBO Beaver (T00)Here
Crack TURBO Beaver Blue (T12)Here
Crack WING blue (F02)Here
Crack WING green (F06)Here
Crack WING orange (F05)Here
Crack WING purple (F01)Here
Crack WING red (F03)Here
Crack WING yellow (F04)Here
Crack WINGS 6 for the price of 5!! (F00)Here
Crack Yak BACKYARD blue/yellow - limitovaná edice (ZB002)Here
Crack Yak BACKYARD green/orange - limitovaná edice (ZB001)Here
Crack Yak Big-Green (T13)Here
Crack Yak Big-HCG (T14)Here
Crack Yak Blue BACKYARD (B01)Here
Crack Yak Gold BACKYARD (B02)Here
Crack Yak Gold BACKYARD (B02)Here
Crack Yak LITE blue/yellow (L01)Here
Crack Yak LITE green/orange (L03)Here
Crack Yak LITE purple/blue (L04)Here
Crack Yak LITE purple/yellow (L02)Here
Crack Yak SuperLITE green (S01)Here
Crack Yak SuperLITE orange (S02)Here
Edge 540 Castrol BACKYARD (B05)Here
Edge 540 GaryH. BACKYARD (B07)Here
Edge 540 HotBlue BACKYARD (B04)Here
Edge 540 MINI red (M08)Here
Edge 540 MINI yellow (M09)Here
Edge 540 PinkCow BACKYARD (B06)Here
Edge 540 V3 SuperLITE (S09)Here
Edge 540 V3 SuperLITE FreakShow (S11)Here
Edge 540 V3 SuperLITE GREEN (S10)Here
Edge 540T Blue depron (D05)Here
Edge 540T CoolBlue (T11)Here
Edge 540T HotRed (T02)Here
Edge 540T Red depron (D04)Here
Edge XL (T92)Here
ESC 10A TIGER (R02)Here
ESC 18A TIGER (R03)Here
ESC 20A TIGER (R05)Here
ESC 40A TIGER (R04)Here
ESC 6A TIGER (R01)Here
EXTRA 300L Blue XL (T96)Here
EXTRA 300L Deep Purple XL (T97)Here
Extra 330 Aerobatics (T09)Here
Extra 330 SuperLITE green (S16)Here
Extra 330 SuperLITE red (S15)Here
Extra 330 SuperLITE red (S15)Here
Extra Slick BACKYARD (B03)Here
F-22 Raptor (F22)Here
FC53 Field Card (R25)Here
Flash D (T03)Here
Flash NG (B50)Here
FlashE Santa-Fe (T04)Here
Floats Crack Turbo Beaver (SP33)Here
Goteck GS-D9018 (N21)Here
Goteck HC2422T (N20)Here
Hardware MINI (SP19)Here
Hardware BACKYARD (SP13)Here
Hardware Clik EVO depron (SP15)Here
Hardware Crack Laser LITE (SP14)Here
Hardware Crack PITTS Backyard (SP12)Here
Hardware Crack Pitts MINI (SP20)Here
Hardware Crack Turbo Beaver (SP27)Here
Hardware Crack WING (SP25)Here
Hardware Crack Yak BIG (SP34)Here
Hardware Crack Yak LITE (SP11)Here
Hardware Crack Yak SUPERLITE (SP28)Here
Hardware Edge 540T HotRed/CoolBlue (SP22)Here
Hardware Edge depron (SP21)Here
Hardware EXTRA 300L 1.2m (SP10)Here
Hardware Extra 330 Aerobatics (SP29)Here
Hardware Flash NG (SP35)Here
Hardware Flash, Sbach 342 1m (SP17)Here
Hardware INFERNO (SP16)Here
Hardware MXS-C (SP31)Here
Hardware Sbach/Extra 1.2m (SP26)Here
Hardware SU 29 depron (SP24)Here
Hardware VERTIGO (SP44)Here
Hardware YAK 54, YAK 55, SU 29 1m (SP18)Here
Hardware ZORRO (SP45)Here
HP G3 CX - 0320mAh 2S (25C) (H04)Here
HP G3 CX - 0450mAh 2S (25C) (H06)Here
HP G3 CX - 0450mAh 3S (25C) (H07)Here
HP G3 CX - 0550mAh 3S (25C) (H550)Here
HP G3 CX - 1S 100mAh-IS-UM (H100)Here
HP G3 CX - 1S 120mAh-IS (H120)Here
HP G3 CX - 1S 130mAh-IS-UM (H130)Here
HP G3 CX - 2500mAh 5S (25C) (H25003)Here
HP G3 CX - 3300mAh 5S (25C) (H3300_5)Here
HP G3 CX - 4000mAh 3S (25C) (H40003)Here
HP G3 VX - 1100mAh 2S (35C) (H11002)Here
HP G3 VX - 2200mAh 6S (35C) (H22006)Here
HP G3 VX - 3300mAh 5S (35C) (H33005)Here
HP G3 VX - 4200mAh 3S (35C) (H42003)Here
HP G3 VX - 5000mAh 5S (35C) (H50005)Here
INFERNO Acuta SuperLITE (S13)Here
INFERNO Ignis SuperLITE (S14)Here
INFERNO SuperLITE red (S04)Here
INFERNO SuperLITE violet (S03)Here
Landing Gear 0,80m (SP01)Here
Landing Gear 1.2m (SP03)Here
Landing Gear 1m (SP02)Here
M+N Racer Series-Club 4 Pack (TR05)Here
M+N Racer Series-Club 4 Pack (TR05)Here
MG25 Flight Controller for Quad rotors (R24)Here
Mustang Red (TR01)Here
Mustang Yellow (TR02)Here
MXS-C green BACKYARD (B10)Here
MXS-C MINI D1 (M06)Here
MXS-C MINI D2 (M07)Here
MXS-C MINI Green (M05)Here
MXS-C MINI Red (M04)Here
MXS-C orange BACKYARD (B13)Here
Nemesis Blue (TR03)Here
Nemesis Purple (TR04)Here
Podvozek 0,80m LITE (SP00)Here
Puddle Star (T15)Here
Puddle Star + equipment (T151)Here
REVO P3 Black (T16)Here
REVO P3 Red (T17)Here
RX580s (O02)Here
Sale!! Clik NG SuperLITE purple (ZS08)Here
Sale!! Crack PITTS red BACKYARD (ZB11)Here
Sale!! F-22 Raptor (ZF22)Here
Sale!! BIG Crack TURBO Beaver Apache (ZT95)Here
Sale!! Clik R2 SuperLITE blue (ZS071)Here
Sale!! Clik R2 SuperLITE red (ZS061)Here
Sale!! Crack Camel Silver (ZL13)Here
Sale!! Crack Fokker Dr.1 Triplane (ZL10)Here
Sale!! Crack Fokker Dr.1 Triplane Red Baron (ZL12)Here
Sale!! Crack Fokker Dr.1 Triplane red/yellow (ZL11)Here
Sale!! Crack LASER LITE No.17 (ZL07)Here
Sale!! CRACK PITTS MINI orange (ZM03)Here
Sale!! Crack PITTS yellow BACKYARD (ZB12)Here
Sale!! Crack WING orange (ZF05)Here
Sale!! Crack WING purple (ZF01)Here
Sale!! Crack Yak Big-Green (ZT13)Here
Sale!! Crack Yak Big-HCG (ZT14)Here
Sale!! Crack Yak Blue BACKYARD (ZB01)Here
Sale!! Crack Yak Gold BACKYARD (ZB02)Here
Sale!! CRACK YAK MINI (ZM01)Here
Sale!! Crack Yak SuperLITE green (ZS01)Here
Sale!! Crack Yak SuperLITE orange (ZS02)Here
Sale!! Edge 540 MINI red (ZM08)Here
Sale!! Edge 540 MINI yellow (ZM09)Here
Sale!! Edge 540 V3 SuperLITE (ZS09)Here
Sale!! Edge 540 V3 SuperLITE GREEN (ZS10)Here
Sale!! EXTRA 300L Blue XL (ZT96)Here
Sale!! EXTRA 300L Deep Purple XL (ZT97)Here
Sale!! Extra 330 SuperLITE green (ZS16)Here
Sale!! Extra 330 SuperLITE red (ZS15)Here
Sale!! Flash NG (ZB50)Here
Sale!! INFERNO Acuta SuperLITE (ZS13)Here
Sale!! INFERNO Ignis SuperLITE (ZS14)Here
Sale!! Mustang Red (ZTR01)Here
Sale!! Mustang Yellow (ZTR02)Here
Sale!! MXS-C orange BACKYARD (ZB13)Here
Sale!! Nemesis Blue (ZTR03)Here
Sale!! Nemesis Purple (ZTR04)Here
Sale!! REVO P3 Red (ZT17)Here
Sale!! Sbach XL Red (ZT98)Here
Sale!! Step One Amber BACKYARD (ZB16)Here
Sale!! SU-29 Russian SuperLITE (ZS05)Here
Sale!! Veloxity (ZT93)Here
Sale!! Veloxity (ZT93)Here
Sale!! ZORRO Wing green (ZF07)Here
Sale!! ZORRO Wing orange (ZF08)Here
Sale!! ZORRO Wing red (ZF09)Here
Sbach 342 Green Red (T06)Here
Sbach 342 Red Black (T08)Here
Sbach Green BACKYARD (B08)Here
Sbach Red BACKYARD (B09)Here
Sbach XL Red (T98)Here
Sbach XL Violet (T99)Here
Step One + equipment (B151)Here
Step One Amber + equipment (B161)Here
Step One Amber BACKYARD (B16)Here
Step One BACKYARD (B15)Here
SU 29 ABS JETS clearance sale! (D07)Here
SU 29 Blue/Yellow (T10)Here
SU 29 Red/Orange (T05)Here
SU 29 Russian clearance sale! (D06)Here
SU-29 Russian EXFC SuperLITE (S051)Here
SU-29 Russian SuperLITE (S05)Here
TX500 (O01)Here
V2-F450 (O03)Here
Vampire (D09)Here
Veloxity (T93)Here
Veloxity (T93)Here
Yak 54 (T01)Here
YAK 55 (T07)Here
ZORRO Wing green (F07)Here
ZORRO Wing orange (F08)Here
ZORRO Wing red (F09)Here