Eachine VTX03 25/50/200mW

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A very solid miniature video transmitter with switchable power 0/25/50/200 mW and 72 channels. Very light and easy to operate, with one button control and one digit LED display. Great for racing and all other FPV purposes. The included linear antenna can be replaced with another type via a RP-SMA or SMA pigtail.

Key Features

  • selectable power   0/25/50/200 mW
  • power supply   3.2 - 5.5V
  • power consumption  360 (25mW) to 570 mA (200mW)
  • weight 2.97g
  • size  21x15 mm
  • antenna connector IPEX
  • TV system  PAL & NTSC
  • No. of channels  72

Package Includes


IPEX antenna