Yak 55 Limited Edition

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YAK 55 LIMITED EDITION! only 100 pieces!
Beautiful spring days are approaching and that brings us to the flying field again, which means nothing else but to equip yourself with a new plane that is probably the only one in the category for outdoors and at the same time the pilot will have a lot of fun with it in the indoor. The Yak 55 in the new limited edition livery is here!  
The Yak 55 model was designed in collaboration with team pilot Jan Votava, directly according to his requirements for flight characteristics. Now We are happy to offer you the final version, which Us and Jan Votava are completely satisfied. We managed to create an EPP 3D model with great extreme flight characteristics. 
 It was designed for pilots, who just started with 3D acrobatics and experienced 3D pilots, who want to fly in a small places.

Backyard Series:

This is the classic, very popular 3D EPP line. The rugged construction allows you to learn all kinds of new maneuvers without fear of destroying your model.

Key Features

  • Wingspan: 800 mm
  • Lenght: 780 mm
  • AUW: 220 - 240 g
  • Motor: 2206/2300kv
  • ESC: 15A
  • Servo: 2 x 9 g, 1x 14 g
  • Battery: 2s 450-600mAh
  • Propeller: 8x4 / 8x4.1 APC

Package Includes

  • Kit including landing gear and hardware  without equipment set - see photo

Recommended equipment sets (motor, servos, ESC, propeller, batteries) can be found below in accessories.