About us

RC Factory was established in 2006. We (the Founders) have learned that to get models exactly to our expectations, we would have to eventually produce them ourselves. We have historically taken part in the development and promotion of some fresh aeromodelling categories like slope combat, indoor aerobatics, aeromusicals and electric pylon racing. On this path we have collected many aeromodelling awards, including international ones, but also realised that awards are not the main thing by far. First of all, aeromodelling is a great hobby. We consider ourselves to be dealers of fun and satisfaction! If anything, this is our mission – to spread fun and satisfaction through products developed as close to perfection as possible.

Since 2008 we have been in close cooperation with Twisted Hobbys, a U.S. company focused on 3D and aerobatic models and equipment. Twisted Hobbys designers Cody Wojcik and Chris Jewett are the authors of some of our most successful products and we are happy to have them on board.

David Kyjovský