VLV Contra drive Competition

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VLV Contra drive Competition is a combination of motor and transmission with helical gears / drive belt to drive a counter-rotating pair of propellers. The drive is designed with F3A aircraft in mind. A pair of propellers in opposite rotation balances the moment of the propeller and noticeably slows down and smoothens the aircraft flight performance. This helps to improve flight precision and to maintain constant speed throughout the flight. This system is used by top international pilots.

The core of the drive is a 4020 650Kv motor with a constant available power of 3kW (4kW for a short time). The total weight of the gearbox with the motor is only 493 grams. The gear ratio is 4,.769. Recommended propellers are 22x22 or 23x20 front and rear (front and rear has to be indentical).

VLV International is Australian manufacturer of high-end equipment for F3A aircraft. RC Factory is authorized European reseller for VLV International products and Certified service center. In case of demand for service or maintenance, we are here to help. 

Key Features

  • Constant gear ratio
  • Weight: 493g (gearbox including motor)
  • Recommended propellers: 22x22 or 23x20
  • Motor: 4020 620kv 10 poles
  • Power: 3kW (4kW peak)
  • Transmission: Helical gear

Package Includes

  • 1x VLV Contra drive Competition
  • 1x Front propeller adapter