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As the name suggests, this model is a cable driven - Control line model

It is the oldest way of controlling the model from the time when RC kits did not exist yet.
With the advent of "RC" kits, this method of control has receded somewhat, but to this day
many racing categories are still flown with tethered models and are very popular.
And we know why - it's great fun! After all, this was written by Mr. Ing. Jaromír Schindler in 1954

"We see the importance of tethered models mainly in the fact that the modeler, while flying a control line model, becomes familiar, sometimes at the cost of breaking the model, with the function of the elevator"

The controls are very simple, being limited to elevator with flap support only.

We are fully aware that the Flash CL will be used primarily as a training model.
Therefore, we have subordinated the flight characteristics to this: the model flies slower than usual for other tethered models,
yet it doesn't lose the much-needed line pull even in the craziest of overhead turns.
Even though it is a training model, it can handle all aerobatic turns.
The flight characteristics are pleasant (not tricky) and in case of an accident the model is easily repairable with ordinary instant glue.
Its advantages also include a smaller flight space requirement and low purchase cost (you don't need an RC system).

You can control the motor in two ways: either by any receiver with an RC kit, or by a dedicated timer.

And please note one more thing - it is very addictive ...

Key Features

Wingspan: 870mm

Lenght: 865mm

AUW: 250g

Package Includes

Complete kit including carbon landing gear

Kit does not include control line set - available separately in accessories


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