Complete RC set for beginners (Mode 2)

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We have carefully selected a complete set of components for your (not necessarily) first RC airplane model. The model is easy to build and we are sure that we can help you reach a major milestone: you will have a self-built (it's easy, honest), stable flying RC model and you will be comfortably piloting it all over the sky.

The model is built from EPP, a foam material that is almost indestructible. Even if you manage to make a minor tear or crack, the foam is very easy to glue with either cyanoacrylate, UHU-Por or similar glue .

The equipment we have chosen for you is ready also for your next models - the FlySky i6 transmitter is (for it's low price) surprisingly well equipped. It is a 6 channel computerized RC system with many model memories, extensive programming abilities and even telemetry (capability to send information from the model to the ground). 

All the other components were also selected with the highest possible value in mind. This whole set was extensively tested on several actual beginners, most of them school children. So far always with great success.

Mode 2 means that your throttle stick is on the left side. If you don't know which mode to choose, ask your friends which one are most of them using. Or flip a coin!

Set composition

FlySky FS-i6 + receiver Mode: 2

In set : 1 ×
Price: € 75,00

Volta 600 mAh 2s 30C

In set : 2 ×
Price: € 11,62

GWS 6 x 3

In set : 1 ×
Price: € 1,59

Step One Color: Akce 1000

In set : 1 ×
Price: € 61,00

Balance Charger B3 2-3S 20W

In set : 1 ×
Price: € 9,13

Volta X2204/1800

In set : 1 ×
Price: € 13,96

Volta 15A

In set : 1 ×
Price: € 15,99

Volta D6M

In set : 2 ×
Price: € 15,96