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The proXy is a radically new kind of model, designed by Cody Wojcik and Chris Jewett. It combines a "3D foamy" and "FPV drone" categories into one neat package. It can be flown like a simple aileron trainer within line of sight, but you may - and should - also add FPV (first person view) gear to it and fly it virtually "looking out of the cockpit" through tree gaps in your local park or forest. 

Massive landing gear was designed for take-offs, landings and touch and go's while still flying FPV. The controls are efficient enough for complete spectrum of aerobatic maneuvers. The pusher configuration keeps your propeller safe and allows for unobstructed view from your FPV camera. 

The "avionics tray" has a lot of handy space for your FPV gear, (optional) flight controller and battery.

Key Features

  • wingspan 1100 mm
  • length  925 mm
  • weight 360 g
  • servos  4 pcs of 9g (Gening D90, Hitec HS-55 etc) 
  • motor 2206 or similar
  • battery 3s 850 - 1300 mAh
  • ESC 15A or stronger