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A very popular category for us is the XL. All XL size aircraft have very advanced flight characteristics already, inertia like a construction aircraft and yet it is still made of EPP which is almost unbreakable in these dimensions. This gives the pilot the opportunity to learn all the autorotation figures without worrying about destroying his model.

An incredible advantage of this design is its resistance to mechanical damage while being resistant to inclement weather. The Laser XL has a flying weight of just under 800g, meaning that even winds of greater force are hardly noticeable on the model.

After many tests, we have proven a completely new wing concept in this category. At the fuselage the wing is glued with its whole contact area to the spine, this makes the model even stronger and at the same time due to the balancing flap at the end of the aileron the model is more controllable and at the same time the load on the servo is slightly reduced.

This time there is no fully-moving elevator on the model, due to maintaining the highest durability. The Laser XL is still very maneuverable over the elevator, due to the correct layout of the model surfaces.

Key Features

  • wingspan: 1060 mm
  • lenght: 1120 mm
  • flight weight: 750 - 820 g
  • engine: 100 - 120g
  • controller: 40-50A / 4s
  • servos: 4x 14 - 18g
  • battery: 3s - 4s 1300 - 1800mAh
  • propeller: 10 - 11 inches

Package Includes

  • Kit including landing gear, without equipment set - see photo
Recommended equipment sets (motor, servos, ESC, propeller, batteries) can be found below in accessories.


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