JHEMCU RuiBet 4x 1-2S Lipo Charger

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Pocket 4 channel charger for 1 and 2S Lipo batteries. The charger is powered by DC voltage in the range of 7-25V via XT60 or DC5.5-2.1 connector. A voltage source or another battery can thus be used. The terminal voltage can be set to 4.2V or 4.35V for HV batteries using a switch for each channel.

Each channel has one PH2.0 connector for 1S batteries and a standard JST-XH to connect the 2S battery balance connector. Never charge a 1S and a 2S battery on the same channel at the same time. The charging status is indicated for each channel by an LED. Red diode means charging, blue means charging is complete. The maximum charging current is 1A.

There is also a 5V USB output for charging your phone or action camera. It is not recommended to use the USB connector while simultaneously charging Lipo batteries.

Key Features

  • Input connectors: XT60, DC 5.5/2.1mm
  • Input voltage 7-26V
  • Charging current: 4x1A (Max)
  • Terminal voltage: 4.2V/4.35 +-0.5%
  • USB output: 5V@2A
  • Size: 71x57x12mm
  • Weight: 64.2g

Package Includes

  • 1x Charger