Flash NG

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Flash NG is a more compact, ground-up redesigned version of our highly popular classic 3D trainer. A model that can grow in step with your skills. We have chosen a slightly smaller size for easier transport, added aileron counterweights for better roll authority when your skills grow to the point that you start to demand it. T-canalizer and SFGs were added for clean integrated and knife edge maneuvers. The wing is airfoiled for clean and precise flying. Carbon landing gear is included. This is a perfect plane for a fun lunch break in a nearby park!

Backyard Series:

This is the classic, very popular 3D EPP line. The rugged construction allows you to learn all kinds of new maneuvers without fear of destroying your model.

Key Features

Wing span: 910 mm
Length: 900 mm
AUW: 260 g
Motor: 80-120W
ESC: 10 - 12A 
Servo: 3 x 9 - 12 g
Battery: 3s lipo pack 450 - 720 mAh
Propeller: 9/5

Package Includes

  • Kit including carbon landing gear, without equipment set - see photo

Recommended equipment sets (motor, servos, ESC, propeller, batteries) can be found below in accessories.