Dear customers, the ESC VOLTA 15A , which is included in most equipment sets, is currently not available. Other parts of the equipment are in stock. We estimate that the ESC will be back in stock at the turn of October / November. You can book the sets by placing an order. After stocking, we will send everything together. Thank you for your understanding. We recommend customers from the United Kingdom to contact us 


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The Mustang racers are the coolest thing around for (in)formal club pylon racing, aerobatics, or just plain fun sport flying. Nearly indestructible, these models are ideal for bashing around or flying with friends who don't always yield the right of way. Two aircraft, the Nemesis and Mustang, based on full-scale Reno racing classics, available in two schemes each mean that everybody gets to fly something unique and stay competitive!

The plane builds quickly and without difficulties. Agile flyer that loves speed and smooth aerobatics. Resilient EPP construction makes it a suitable trainer for less experienced pilots - but not for total beginners.

Key Features

Wing span: 780 mm
Length: 720 mm
AUW: 230 g
Motor: 80-120 W
ESC: 10 - 12A 
Servo: 1 x 9 g, 2 x 6 g
Battery: 3s lipo pack 450 - 720 mAh
Propeller: 8/4

Package Includes

  • Kit without equipment set - see photo

Recommended equipment sets (motor, servos, ESC, propeller, batteries) can be found below in accessories.