Crack Laser Pro

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Crack Laser Pro aims to be the most precise, stable and sharp small freestyle airplane the world has ever seen.

The original Crack Laser was a precision freestyle monster, designed to take advantage of everything the "Lite" construction had to offer. Not just a re-casting of the Crack Laser with Super Lite construction, every line, moment, and area of the Crack Laser Pro has been breathed upon to take full advantage of the lighter weight, better aerodynamic properties, and increased rigidity of this build style.

Crack Laser Pro combines a huge speed range with lightning quick aileron response, zero-rock harriers, and of course, dead true knife edge. Despite its low wing loading, it never feels sluggish. The Crack Laser Pro is gentle and forgiving for newer pilots while remaining extremely satisfying to freestyle hot shots.

Key Features

Wing span: 805 mm
Length: 845 mm
AUW: 160 g
Motor: 60 - 80 W
ESC: 10 - 12 A
Servo: 2x 6 g, 1x 9 g
Battery: 2s lipo pack 300 - 350 mAh
Propeller: 8/4


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