Extra 300L XL

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Extra 300L XL is the right 3D model for you, if you believe that 1m wingspan is too small. This plane is very capable and „feels“ like an even bigger plane. It can also handle stronger winds and can be seen better.


Outdoor Series:

If you prefer bigger models with fully airfoiled wing, you can´t make a mistake with these. Developed by some of the best 3D pilots for a combination of 3D capability and easy, predictable handling.

Key Features

  • Wing span: 1240 mm
  • Length: 1250 mm
  • AUW: 600 g
  • Motor: 200 - 450W
  • ESC: min 45A
  • Servo: 2x 10g, 2x 16g
  • Battery: 3s - 4s lipo pack 1600 - 2200 mAh
  • Propeller: 11/4.7, 10/4.7 (4s)