Termik PRO

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Termik PRO is our first exclusively thermal glider, capable of air towing, slope soaring or bungee/fishing line start. Great and predictable flying qualities. The plane may be easily covered by the builder, ironing on 38 micron laminating film (not included in the kit ), which gives it better performance than what you see in "raw foam" models. For air towing, e.g. via our Air Truck, you have an integrated tow release system. For bungee start, the model features a tow hook.

The canopy is removable, held with in place with a plastic hook and a magnet. Inside there is enough space for all the RC equipment. The fuselage is pre-built from the factory.

Termik PRO is controlled via ailerons, rudder and elevator. If you prefer rudder only, choose the Termik.

Key Features

  • wingspan: 1440mm
  • length: 960mm
  • AUW: 400-450g
  • (recommended) 2x D6M servo
  • (recommended) 2x D10M servo
  • (recommended) 5V BEC
  • (recommended) 2s 450-1100mAh